As e-services and infrastructure become more distributed and thus more vulnerable, accountability must grow

Let’s get real. The Internet and Web have become over the last two decades the most essential infrastructure of many societies on the world. One could use the term Cloud for this infrastructure. We don’t need the prefixes “e” our “cyber” anymore for applications in health or government, and threats like war or terrorism. It’s all part of our real world.

In the future service-oriented world users will not be (nor need to be) aware of the complex technology used in their daily life. Consumers will have social contacts or enjoy and create content, whilst companies can focus on their core business of service provision. Security, privacy, data protection need mostly to be  taken care of by the infrastructure providers, whom will have to be accountable and transparent, in compliance with laws set, and in full awareness that their business survival depends on reputation.

Read the full article in Security Europe of July-Aug 2010


About digitrusteu
Independent consultant in the area of Trust and ICT. Secretary General of Digital Enlightenment Forum VZW, Belgium Formerly Head of Unit at the European Commission, ICT Progamme, Trust and Security

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